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Beat the heat, Summer must haves! Part 1

When summer season and warm weather hits, we all have a few things we want to touch up on before we set off sails to our vacation destination. Beauty maybe in the eye of the beholder, but there is a few simple tricks to leaving your skin, hair and nails almost flawless!

*Absence Oil Control Primer- a perfect blend of mineral ingredients made by Jane Iredale, which helps to eliminate excess oil from overactive sebaceous glands. This non drying formula is great for oily skins and helps to keep the ph in balance as well as the oil! Use alone or under any foundation.

*Footlogix Dry Skin Formula - We love this product! Why? With Footlogix formulas, it contains 5% Urea and this non greasy foot foam seals in moisture and brings shine to the skin. It's dermatologically tested and contains no preservatives or perfumes, and perfect for diabetic feet.

*OPI Avoplex Oil to Go- this rich formula of Avocado Complex has been rated #1 over the years. It replenishes lost moisture in the cuticles, with an assortment of Vitamins including Vitamin E, Sunflower, Sesame, Kukui Nut and Avocado oils. It's conveniently placed in a short tube with a brush applicator for those of you that are on the go. Fits just perfectly in your pocket or your purse! |

*Foot file- Want your feet to look fabulous in sandals? Use a coarse foot file for callused heels to remove that build up of skin that cracks deeply in the hot summer months ahead. Use it twice a week with a nice foot balm or lotion to finish.

*Dermed Glycolic Body Wash and Loofah- Exfoliation is the way to go to look fun & fabulous in the summer season. This is our #1 choice of exfoliation, since the Glycolic with Shea butter ingredients penetrate deep into the skins outer most layer, leaving the skin shiny, soft and supple. By allowing the product to remain on the skin for 10 minutes, like a body mask, this intensive wash along with a loofah deeply removes any dead surface skin layers and penetrates down into the collagen to strengthen the fibers. Anti-aging benefits go a long way!

*Salt & Sugar Scrub & Lotion with Shea- Another way to exfoliate the body is with an all natural skin care product, such as Nature's Body Works from Canada. It's pure, no artificial colors or scents, no preservatives and Petroleum and Paraben free!

*Jane Iredale D2O Spray or Bottled Toner- This is what your skin will need when you want to refresh your skin for the day. D2O Hydrating Spray benefits the skin in multiple ways: its hydrating, refreshing, plumps up skin cells, reduces secretion of oil glands, fights free radical damage and more!

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