Our skilled Therapists will use an exclusive blend of aromatherapy oils and natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish, and detoxify the body to help you slow down, relax, and make your skin feel and look amazing!

Detoxifying Mud Wrap - 90 min $150
This exclusive treatment begins with a body exfoliation to help eliminate dead skin cells. A Detoxifying Mud is then applied over the body. While being wrapped in our warm cozy linens, you will receive a face and scalp massage. Finish this amazing treatment with a lotion application to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Coastal Stone Therapy - 70 min $148
Experience this unique treatment which incorporates warm basalt stones and Swedish massage. The localized heat and weight of the stones, warm and relax muscles, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. A beautiful treatment that leaves you completely peaceful and calm. 

Body Renewal - 60 min $105
This renewal starts with a full body exfoliation to help revitalize the skin, eliminate dead skin cells, and increase circulation. Finish with a lotion application massage to relax and soothe your mind, body and soul. This treatment will have you feeling relaxed, smooth, soft, and glowing.

HYCYNIS Body Sculpting Per Area - 45 min $128
The high radio frequency current firms and tones by causing an immediate circulation rush to the skin in addition to subtle tissue warming. This will detoxify the body, dissolve fat, increase metabolism, help with appetite control, and shape the body through enhancing blood circulation and lymph drainage.