Herbal Massage Treatments Performed by Our Male Therapist, Kumar


Natural and Holistic massage treatments based on Ancient Ayurvedic healing concepts. Experience the connection between your mind, body and soul with the essence of plant based natural lotions and oils to promote wellness and health.















Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Scalp Massage

30 min - $65        45 min - $90         60 min - $115

Cure tension, headache, anxiety and stress with a synergistic blend of invigorating essential oils. Indian scalp massage employs herbal remedies to relax your scalp and improve and ease circulation.  

Herbal Relaxation Body Massage

30 min - $65        45 min - $90         60 min - $115

90 min - $165      120 min - $190

A head to toe massage treatment with herbal oils and lotions. Includes massage for scalp, neck and shoulders, back and hips, legs and feet. Choose between gentle touch, firm or deep pressure.  

Herbal Leg and Foot Massage

30 min - $65        45 min - $90         60 min - $115

Tired legs and sore feet are some of the main reasons why one may not be able to sleep well after a long day of work. Kill pain with blends formulated to soothe sore muscles. 


Square Shoulders - Herbal

30 min - $65        45 min - $90         60 min - $115

This is a special treatment designed to address the pain and tension built up in your upper torso to release any knots, tension, pain and stresses with herbal blends and lotions.

Back and Hips - Herbal

30 min - $65        45 min - $90         60 min - $115

Back and hips function as significant columns of our body. They are subjected to heavy stresses, uneasiness and painful conditions. Experience the Back and Hip massage with suitable pain relieving essential oils and remedies to relieve pain.