For maximum benefit and complete hair removal, a minimum of quarter inch hair length is required. 
We cannot perform waxing services on Guests who are taking (currently or within the last year) Accutane, Retinol A, or any medication that increases skin sensitivity. Waxing is also not suitable if you are sunburnt or have received a recent Laser treatment or Chemical peel.

Brow Shape                               $22
Lip & Brow                                 $35
Lip or Chin or Cheek                $18 
Full Face                                    $50
Half Arm                                    $30
Full Arm                                     $48
Underarm                                  $25
Bikini                                          $30 
Egyptian (Full)                           $68
Half Leg                                     $48
Full Leg                                      $68
Half Leg & Bikini Line               $65
Half Chest or Back                    $35
Full Chest or Back                     $55